Hi, I'm Emily.

Things I love: running, talking, writing, the clearance rack, red wine, whining, sarcasm, candy corn, shopping, fashion, shoes, organization, anal-retentiveness

Things I don't: chicken wings, brussel sprouts, bugs, heights, being alone, messes, dog hair

I am a born and raised city girl who began a journey into country living after marrying my husband in 2007. We live in rural Ohio amidst cornfields, wild animals, and all the nuances that accompany the country life with our two dogs.

My husband is a math teacher and football coach. I'm a PR/Social Media Manager. I'm also an avid runner, passionate writer, and part-time fashionista.

After struggling with infertility for several years, we decided to pursue domestic adoption in 2011. Then, we decided to put adoption on hold indefinitely. We are making the most of our lives--and making up the rules as we go along.

I simply adore anything pink with frills and sparkles. While I lack any photographic evidence of the fact, my mother claims I was born wearing a pink frilly dress with matching pumps and a handbag.

I approach the world with great optimism and just a pinch of sarcasm. From critiquing others to finding ways to wear the most inappropriate shoes for any occasion, I love sharing my insights on this crazy, beautiful life.


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