Monday, February 18, 2013


Exercise is my coping mechanism. It keeps me sane. It makes me feel like I have control over something. But mostly, I like that it makes me feel strong. As a lanky twig of a person, this is a good thing.

I sometimes wonder why I subject myself to the torture of exercise. If you are doing it correctly, you are uncomfortable. You have to push through. You think almost constantly about quitting.

Being uncomfortable is a relative term, though. And really? Change is uncomfortable. In fact, change is always uncomfortable.

We are really only willing to subject ourselves to discomfort when it serves a greater good. When we feel like the payoff was worth the effort and torture. As for exercise, we suffer through the pain and agony because it stands to make us stronger.

We smile when our arms are sore the next day. We wince when sitting on the toilet is agonizing, but it somehow also manages to feel productive at the same time.

Life is pretty much the same thing: any change is uncomfortable. It might even be a bit painful. But it serves a greater good: it makes your life better. It improves you somehow.

Even on the days when you want to give up. Particularly during the moments when quitting feels easier than pushing through.

Unlike exercise, our muscles aren't sore--but we feel the ways in which change is working to make us uncomfortable.

When life gets uncomfortable, just remember: you are probably being changed.


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