Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lover of the Light

So much has been said about the unthinkable tragedy that occurred on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. I read article after article, finding myself awash in a sea of emotion. Part of me doesn't want to know the graphic facts of the story, but I find myself compelled to understand the stories of those beautiful children and selfless educators who lost their lives that day.

What I can gather is this:

Some wish to turn it into a political debate.

Others want us to shed light on mental health.

Many want someone or something to blame.

But the only thing that I can think to do is look to the light.

And by that I mean dwelling on the good in others. The love that we have for one another.

The simple joys that bring us happiness, even in the midst of unspeakable horror.

Yes, the world is full of evil. There will be people who wish to tear the light from us if given the opportunity. Evil is real and it does exist. There are those who wait in the shadows to do things so evil that we cannot begin to comprehend the unanswered whys that haunt us afterwards.

Before taking my current position in private sector PR and social media, I worked as a PR Director for a school district for over 6 years. I am also married to a teacher and am from a family of teachers. I know all too well the deep love a teacher feels for his or her students--- the ones they always call their kids.

Most people don't often have the opportunity to see what a kindergarten classroom is like, but it really is a beautiful place. A place of innocence, curiosity, energy, and beauty. It is nearly impossible not to walk into a room of small children and not spend your entire stay with a smile on your face. The honesty and wonder in the eyes of those children is infectious. And kindergarten teachers? They are saints: patient, kind, nurturing and filled with love.

That was all I could think about on Friday.

And I realized that the instinct to love and protect really is universal, no matter the cost.

It would be easy to get angry---find someone or something to blame for what happened---but I have always believed that even senseless, terrible things contain a lesson hidden deep within.

For me, it's refocusing on the light. The promise of hope. The good that still exists, even in the darkness.

In the middle of the night, I may watch you go
There'll be no value in the strength of walls that I have grown
There'll be no comfort in the shade of the shadows thrown
But I'll be yours if you'll be mine

Stretch out my life and pick the seams out
Take what you like, but close my ears and eyes
Watch me stumble over and over

I have done wrong, you build your tower
But call me home and I will build a throne
And wash my eyes out never again

But love the one you hold
And I'll be your gold
To have and to hold

A lover of the light

Mumford & Sons, Lover of the Light

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