Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy ways to save money

Easy ways to save money at home

At the moment, a lot of us are suffering financially due to the struggling economy. Many people find that they can only just scrape together enough money to pay the bills and that debts are piling up fast. However, with just some simple adjustments to your lifestyle, you can save significant amounts of money.

For instance, you could consider installing a water meter at home. If you have a big house with few occupants, you could save a surprising amount of cash. You could also slice your phone bill in half by switching to cheaper alternatives than your current cable company.

Do you enjoy a bit of DIY every now and again? Turn it into a skill by taking a DIY course at your local institution and train yourself to tackle the most common household repairs. By fixing any problems yourself instead of calling out a handyman, you could save hundreds of pounds.

If you need to purchase or replace an expensive item, find companies that offer ‘buy now pay later’ schemes. With buy now pay later laptops, customers can make an instant purchase and then pay for it via weekly or monthly payment plans in small, manageable amounts. There are even some companies that won’t charge you a penny for up to 12 months. Just remember to check that you’re not being charged interest and only pay back the exact original amount.

Easy ways to save money out and about

Supermarkets are very skilled at getting you to buy more than you‘d originally planned. Have you ever noticed that when you first walk into a store, you’re often funnelled through a narrow corridor of seasonal merchandise? Or the strategically placed bakery goods?

Outsmart your supermarket by planning your meals and making a list – that way you only buy exactly what you need. You could also consider buying own-brand goods, after all, who can argue with a 20p loaf of bread? Or avoid the supermarket altogether and head for the local market stall to pick up cheap, quality meat, fruit and veg. If you do decide on the supermarket, make sure to use coupons (which you can get online or from the newspaper), as they can have a pronounced impact on your grocery bills.

Likewise, coupons are available online for a wide range of restaurants as well as theme parks and theatre shows. Spending just five minutes searching for vouchers online could bag you some impressive deals – and make a potentially significant difference to your current financial situation.

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