Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blind Item (re: dog butts)

Our dog Buster has some bizarre tendencies. Like stalking, trapping and then eating flies that get into the house, for example. Yesterday I caught him leaping 4 feet straight into the air over and over again in an attempt to catch a fly sitting at the top of a tall window. I have to admire his efforts, as fleeting and unintelligent as they may be.

In my mind, however, his strong urge to spend the majority of his day underneath our bed is among the most perplexing of his interests. I fail to understand the appeal, I suppose. Most of the time, the scene looks something like this:

It's funny that he's under the bed, sure, but it's even more funny that he doesn't see the point in making sure his butt is under the bed.

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