Monday, July 23, 2012

30 things I've never done

Never have I ever...

1. Run a full marathon. I'm running my first marathon in October.

2. Been skydiving or bungee jumping. I am terrified of heights, so it's never appealed to me.

3. Lived in another state. It's been all Ohio, all the time.

4. Traveled to Europe. I have left the country though: I've been to Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

5. Consumed chicken wings or brussels sprouts. Both seem disgusting. However, I love sushi and raw oysters.

6. Given birth to a child/been pregnant. Obviously.

7. Done illegal drugs of any kind. Seriously.

8. Watched any of The Godfather movies. I love Good Fellas and Scarface, though.

9. Attended an NBA game.

10. Been on a motorcycle.

11. Broken a bone. Which is a minor miracle, considering my lack of grace and coordination.

12. Successfully completed an entire crossword puzzle.

13. Been a redhead. I have been just about every shade of blond and brunette, however.

14. Traveled to any state located on the west coast of the United States.

15. Been in a hot air balloon.

16. Been in a helicopter.

17. Owned an SUV.

18. Owned a recreational vehicle (jet ski, boat, RV, etc.)

19. Been in a physical altercation with someone.

20. Given a eulogy.

21. Played a true game of hockey--on ice, with pads.

22. Created/possessed a MySpace account.

23. Been fired from a job.

24. Sued someone or been sued myself.

25. Served on jury duty. I was called to serve twice but was excused because I was a college student.

26. Received a speeding ticket. (I sincerely hope this doesn't cause me to jinx myself.)

27. Been arrested. I was once handcuffed by a police officer as a college student, but was let go.

28. Performed in front of a large crowd.

29. Fired a gun.

30. Had a job that required me to wear a uniform.

31. Want to know 30 things I have done? I'll tell you tomorrow.

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Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I started to keep a list of things we have in common, but there were too many, so I gave up :-)


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