Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 things I have done

I have...

1. A tattoo. You can read the story behind it here. It was very painful, but I would get another one in a heartbeat.

2. A body piercing...sorta. I got my bellybutton pierced in college (Didn't every girl?) and later took it out. There's still a small hole that will probably be there forever.

3. Been a librarian. In high school, I started out shelving books at my local library and worked my way up to the desk. I quickly decided it was not a career goal.

4. Run 5 half marathons and completed two (small) triathlons.

5. Had surgery--twice. One was outpatient surgery, the other was major surgery that required an overnight stay in the hospital.

6. Had two concussions. Both as a college student.

7. Had a black eye--as a direct result of #6. I fell off of my bunk bed in college.

8. Been to therapy. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

9. Worked in the food industry. It gave me a new found respect for waiters and waitresses.

10. Witnessed the sudden death of a family member. You can read about it here.

11. Owned a cat and two guinea pigs. I will never own either ever again.

12. Been in a tractor as it was harvesting corn. Just one of the many advantages of marrying someone who grew up on a working farm.

13. Had an offense expunged from my record. As far as the world is concerned, it never happened--so I'll never tell!

14. Been hunting. It was a pretty boring experience.

15. Been camping in a tent--just once. It rained and it was a terrible experience.

16. Had several spots of possible melanoma removed from my body. All were benign, but I still have yearly visits to the dermatologist to be checked.

17. Been stung by a jellyfish.

18. Had stitches for an injury.

19. Chipped one of my front teeth on a bottle. It was Snapple, I swear!

20. Passed my driver's license exam on the first try.

21. Been in a car accident that was my fault.

22. Passed out due to severe dehydration.

23. Called 911 to report a crime.

24.  Owned a porcelain doll that was also named Emily. Creepy, right? And no, I do not own it any longer.

25. Felt and seen the presence of a ghost. While babysitting in a creepy old house, which has since been torn down. In the home owner's defense, they did warn me about it before I agreed to babysit.

26. Danced on top of a bar to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

27. Been the victim of a home invasion. Read about it here.

28. Spent Christmas in Hawaii and Thanksgiving in Florida.

29. Seen Bob Seger in concert--twice. The first time was my first concert.

30. Flown in First Class. It's overrated.

31. Want to know 30 things I've never done? They are here.

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