Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Review: Simone France Skincare

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Simone France to review their unique line of skincare products. I filled out a very in-depth skin analysis on their website and was given personalized feedback regarding my individual skin problems based upon my answers.

I have oily skin on my face with some patches of dry skin here and there and experience monthly breakouts. The problem with having oily skin is that you tend to use a lot of makeup products in an effort to cover up the shine, rather than trying to get to the root of the problem. For example, I have always used a liquid foundation, two types of powder and then touched up my face with powder throughout the day. This leads to breakouts, which means more products to cover up the blemishes. It's a vicious cycle.

The main issues that came up in my analysis: I am currently using a cleanser that is overly drying; I'm using both foundation and powder on my face (in an attempt to cover issues & combat oil), and I'm using chemical exfoliation products, which can be very harsh.

Simone France recommended I use The Sandwich® which is their signature skin care treatment line. I received the Normal to Oily Skin kit.

This included:

Gentle Toner
Light Milk
Refining Scrub
A bar of Soap
30 Disposable Cleansing Cloths

Here's what Simone France says about The Sandwich®:

"The Sandwich® is the Simone France signature skin care treatment, developed by Simone over 45 years of hands-on experience giving her famous facials. It's an anti-aging, skin firming treatment that works in harmony with the natural needs of the skin and the longer you use it, the better and better your skin will become. It is definitely the best skin care routine you will find.

The Sandwich® is a unique combination of products each specially formulated to work together in this unusual way, along with disposable cleansing cloths that are positively addicting. Don’t worry about using soap – the special Sandwich method allows you to get the cleansing benefits of soap with absolutely none of the dryness.

The Sandwich® for blemishes and rosacea includes cleansing, moisturizing and healing products. For all other skin types. The Sandwich includes cleansing, moisturizing and gentle exfoliant.

The Sandwich® daily skin care routine requires only a few minutes each morning and will leave your skin fresh and glowing. You will see and feel the results the very first time you use it. You may even join the thousands of women who have given up foundation after using The Sandwich® regularly for just a few months."

The kit also came with very detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to use the kit each morning, evening and on a weekly basis. While it seemed complicated at first, it was quite simple: start with applying moisturizer, add the Refining Scrub, lather the soap and apply onto the face, mixing together all three products. Remove all the products with the Disposable Cleaning Cloths (must be warm & wet) then apply 15 splashes of warm water and 15 splashes of cold water.

I have been using the Simone France kit for 1 month and I will say I am happy with the results. I like the very basic and straightforward approach to skincare the company has adopted---it's a refreshing break from every other company on the market that seems to almost constantly change their formula. Rather than adding a new twist or ingredient to the way we cleanse our faces, Simone France has simplified the experience.

As far as results go, I have noticed an improvement in the overall tone and texture of my skin. It feels and looks healthier and I feel the products work very well--and it's clear they are high quality. I still combat oil throughout the day, but the main source of my oily skin is hormonal. Rather than applying more powder or makeup products to my face, I instead use a tissue to blot oil away, which has helped with blemishes and breakouts.

Interested in trying Simone France products for yourself? Simone France is offering 10% off your entire first purchase for new customers! Just use the promo code FT108 at checkout.

I received a complimentary kit, The Sandwich® for Normal to Oily Skin, from Simone France to try. All opinions expressed are my own. All photos courtesty of Simone France. For more information on Simone France, please visit their website.

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