Wednesday, April 11, 2012


When you run a long distance (or run a short distance in an oustanding time) you are given a medal for your efforts. I have always thought it was a nice reward for what can sometimes be a painful experience. Running takes time. It takes dedication. Most of the time, it also takes toenails and injuries, too.

I have five medals in my posession: 4 from half marathons and one from a 5K. I have always struggled to find a proper place for my medals, so I just stuffed them in a drawer in my office. At the time, that seemed "proper" to me.

In a streak of what I can only call momentary insanity, I had a crafty idea. It doesn't happen ever often, so I quickly informed my husband. Because, let's be honest, I really can't actually make things. I can try, of course, but it always ends badly with an injury and lots of cussing. So, he makes them for me and I take the credit. Stop judging me. That's just how this relationship works, OK?

I wanted a plaque with hooks for my medals to display in my office. One part conversation piece, one part wall decor.

So, my dearly beloved found an old scrap of wood and some hooks and my idea took shape. With fancy edges and everything! (The fancy edges were not my idea, just so you know.)

After it was suitable for painting, I covered it in my favorite black spraypaint and stenciled letters on the front.

It's not perfect (what is?) but it's a great way to show off my hard work. Besides, my poor medals just looked so pathetic stuffed in a drawer with random junk. Which is how my brain feels most days.

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