Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Old Made New

Over the weekend, I went digging through an old barn.

I know.

Despite the fact that it was quite dirty and I had to step over both a dead cat and a dead raccoon while in said barn, I found some treasures that had been long since forgotten.

Dusty gold, I think they're called.

Covered in dust and racoon paw prints, I pulled these beauties from the musty, dark barn and out into the light again. With a little elbow grease and some TLC, I know it's possible for them to shine again.

You see, my father has always had a passion for antiques. My parent's house is full of furniture and items (my mother has quite a different, non family friendly name for them) that my dad has found at estate sales and antique stores. He's even found items that were set out for the trash collection and refurbished them so they can shine again.

It's clear to me that I inheirited his love for old things that can be made new again. Really, it's a love for the history and story behind something old. I always wonder: Where was this? Who loved it? Why was it forgotten?

I found some rough items that I'm just itching to make beautiful again. So much so, that I find myself standing in the garage each night, looking them over and running my fingers over the wood and admiring them. It really is true: things just aren't made like that anymore.

My favorite find? This beautiful solid oak telephone case. The parts are long gone, but it's still beautiful in all its I-was-just-pulled-from-an-old-barn glory.

Like everything else, it's thrilling to bring something that was once forgotten back to life again.

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