Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Chase

After a bit of a hiatus, I recently brought one of my greatest loves back into my life: running. For me, nothing else holds a candle to how it makes me feel. My body, my mind, and my outlook on life are always right on point after I run: it's like hitting the refresh button on my entire existence.

Running began as exercise, but quickly evolved into my own personal form of therapy. Even more so, it became an addiction--albeit a healthy one. I sincerely believe it would be incredibly difficult for me to be happy if I could no longer run. It's really that important in my life.

I think a lot about why running makes me feel that way---and why so many people don't understand it. {I know this because of the looks I receive when I say things like, "I just ran an easy 5-miler."} I realize running isn't for everyone, but my deep-seeded love for it makes me realize that we all have something in common:

We are all chasing something.

I constantly chase the feeling I have both during and after a run: the intense clarity, the feeling of bliss and understanding that comes with pushing myself mile after mile. My life is not perfect, but I feel closer to that feeling when I run. I have yet to find it anywhere else; but that doesn't mean that you have to run in order to be happy. Instead, I believe you need to find something positive in your own life that produces the same results.

When I really think about it, I can't allow myself to believe that running is the only place where those feelings exist---because I'm not the only one who knows how those things feel. We all love the thrill of chasing something: a dream, a goal, some level of personal achievement that seems virtually impossible. As humans, we need to be constantly striving, reaching--and chasing--something for ourselves.

It's entirely possible that I rely too much on running for my own personal chase. It is also very possible that the day will come when I can't run anymore and I'll have to find another way to be happy. I'll tackle that problem when it arrives. For now, I'll keep up the chase.

What are you chasing?

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