Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Truth

It doesn't matter how many times the universe shows us it is impossible, we still believe it is possible to hide from the truth. Sure, you can put it off for a while---but it will always come bobbing back up to the surface to remind you that it cannot be eradicated from your life.

There are plenty of high profile, widely publicized examples of this phenomenon: Tiger Woods, Bernie Madoff, Jerry Sandusky, et al. All people who tried to stifle the truth--their own faults/sins/shortcomings--and we all know how those stories end. It often seems like the smarter or or more successful we are, or think we are, the more we believe we are able to outsmart the truth. Somehow, we believe we can deny who we are or what we've done in a way that no one else has ever managed to do before us.

It never works, you see. Not permanently, anyway. The truth is willing to give you a rain check; willing to promise you that if you try hard enough and manage to lie enough, it will fade into the background. But it will never disappear entirely. And best of all, it will be waiting in the shadows to show itself at the most inappropriate of occasions. We think living a lie is easier and cleaner than being honest because we are afraid of what the truth potentially means for our life--and it's always more frightening in our heads. Or, the truth is damaging. Or illegal. Or whatever, really. It matters not what the truth is, we still fear what it will do to our life.

I have always been fascinated by our insistence upon resisting our own personal truths, too. Ever notice that when you start to feel a certain way that you believe will not be popular, you have a strong urge to hide it? Perhaps it's an unpopular decision or a choice that will potentially disappoint someone else. We believe that ignoring the truth or lying about it will save someone else from heartbreak. We also believe that lying is a better option than being honest. It's just our natural instinct to save our loved ones from pain, I think.

But what about you? What about your happiness? Odds are you have had moments in your life where you had to scratch and claw your way through something terrible to get to this point in your world--physically, spiritually, financially or mentally. Things haven't always been easy, or simple for you in those moments. Think about how that felt: did you try to hide it from others? Did you seek out the truth? Or, were you too ashamed to admit your own faults and shortcomings to admit anything at all?

Whatever your truth may be, I think it's time to set it free. Let it out there for everyone to see; even if it isn't nearly as pretty as you hoped it would be. The people that hate you for it never deserved you anyway. And the ones who truly care will understand---because all they want is for you to be happy.

Just set it free, and everything else will fall right where it should.

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Roxy said...

this post was very refreshing. i've been scratching & clawing for the past year now. it's exhausting. as cliche as "the truth will set you free" sounds, it's so damn true.


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