Monday, February 20, 2012

Things I don't say

People tend to cling to certain phrases and sayings and repeat them frequently. I am no exception to this rule, which is why I plan to make a bold Lenten resolution.

However, there are also a lot of things that will never, ever come out of my mouth:

"That is such a beautiful poncho!"

"Have you seen my Crocs anywhere?"

"Why don't more men wear short-sleeved dress shirts?"

"I'm totally wearing the right shoes for these conditions."

"I would like this deep-fried, please."

"You know, Gordon Lightfoot really makes great music."

"Wearing socks with your sandals is always a great choice."

"Oh yeah, I heard all about that on ESPN last night."

"I guess those shoes are cute, but the heels are just too high."

"I think I'm under-dressed for this event."


Tom said...

"I think I'm under-dressed for this event." - You can never be under-dressed for an event. Love it.

m said...

Needed this laugh today. Thanks. I'm not one for bold Lenten resolutions, but now I'm thinking of what my "you will never hear" list might have on it...


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