Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent & %&*^#$

In addition to being quite sarcastic, I also have a very dirty mouth. Some might say pirate or sailor-like, really.

I try not to cuss, really I do. It just happens, you know?

Not that curse words simply slipping from my mouth is acceptable. As a writer, I realize that there is always a seemingly "better" word that could be used. But it's just sometimes hard to find a better word- like when I'm driving my car. Or, when my dogs do something terrible.
Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. It's all about penance and moderation and trying to be a better person---which I surmise would mean less (or even no) cussing.

So, I'm giving it all up. All of my favorite curse words and even my least favorite ones, too. Out the door for forty full days. Every last one.

My dear sweet husband (who is doing P90X & not playing iPad games for 40 days) has also suggested another joint Lenten resolution: eating dinner at the dining room table with the television off.


I mean golly gee whilikers, that sounds wonderful. After hearing this suggestion, I suggested we take turns bringing a list of topics to discuss while sitting at the dining room table for conversation purposes. There's nothing I hate more than silence and conversation lapses. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

I also suggested he remove all his jackets and stuff from the top of this particular table, but there's no need to get crazy here. I mean, it's just Lent. Right?

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