Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Called Clarity

{Captivated by the possibility of a reason to bark.}

People sometimes say that when something traumatic happens their life "flashes before their eyes."

I can't say that I know the feeling, to be honest. I've had those moments where I came THIS close to getting in a serious accident or escaped a potentially traumatic injury but it's never caused me to feel like the entire life I have lived up until this point has flashed before me.

Instead, I like to think of those moments as an opportunity to experience clarity. It almost always follows that "Oh $hit" moment you feel when potential disaster narrowly misses you in some way. You think about what could have been---disaster---and what is now---another chance to exist the way you are right now.

A few weeks ago, I had a moment of clarity that has stuck with me for some reason. I was running with one of the dogs (the small but crazy one, if you're curious) around our country block and as we passed a field of corn that was being harvested, it happened. A huge deer--a massive buck--came leaping out of the dried corn and ran just behind us. Narrowly missing us, I'm guessing. I felt the breeze from his body if that says anything about our proximity to one another. I had no time to react or even understand what was happening. Once I did, the moment had already passed. It really happened that quickly. {Cue the snapping of my fingers.}

I stopped, however. Transfixed by that moment. We were nearly plowed over by a ginormous deer that easily could have maimed or killed us. I was searching for what it all meant, I think. I can't be sure, but I believe that the moments in our lives meant to snap us out of whatever funk we are in are just that major--and also just that subtle.

In a life that sometimes feels like it has no clarity, I tend to hang on to the moments where I feels like I can touch that feeling at least temporarily. Maybe it meant nothing; perhaps it represented something. I don't think that matters so much as that I took notice of the moment.

I think clarity arrives in each of our lives wearing a different face, and is often wrapped in an unassuming package. To remind us, like in this case, that timing really is everything. Or, that we sometimes need to stop what we're doing to think about what could have been or what might be happening that we haven't ever stopped to notice.

I also thought about what the headline might say in our local paper if I was, in fact, mauled by a deer. I imagine something like this:

Local Woman Mauled by Eight Point Buck in Freak Running Accident: Local Beagle Mix Still at Large

That's right: I live in a fantasy world in which I have the ability to write my own headlines. And I know for a fact that my Beagle Mix would still be at large in this instance. Sniffing some really important blade of grass that has captured every shred of his attention, I'm sure. I don't know that beagles understand clarity.

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Alayna Howard said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am your newest follower & this really hit home with me.


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