Thursday, October 6, 2011

It rains, then it pours

Ever notice how awful things tend to happen at the worst possible time?

Not that it's ever convenient for something terrible to happen, of course.

Last week, I was getting ready to leave for work in my super fabulous black sheath dress, gray patterned blazer, faux snake skin pumps, red lipstick and curled hair. Then, I realized there was approximately 2.5 inches of water in the basement. So, I added some chic snow boots and rubber gloves to said outfit. Then, I freaked out, said some awful cuss words and reached my entire arm (up to the armpit, in case you're wondering) into the hole in the floor of our basement where the sump pump resides. To turn it back on so it could start sucking again. {Pun intended.} After five minutes of using a push broom to direct the water toward its destination I realized there wasn't much else I could do. So, I went to work.

I've heard the saying, "Water knows how to make a decision" before, and it is true. It usually decides to seep through every crack and crevice and soak into every shred of carpet nearby. It's just logical, really. Our 'semi-finished' basement had some random carpet scraps that were destroyed in the process. And the shoddily hung drywall? It's toast.

So, as I stood in the backyard using the weight of my puny body to pull a large roll of musty smelling, water-soaked carpet through the basement window that is like THIS big in the aftermath of our water-filled basement, I realized something: this was not a big deal. Water in the basement, in the grand scheme of all things, is nothing. Of course, it seemed like the biggest deal in the history of Mankind at the time. Because that's how these things work.

When it comes down to it, water always dries eventually. Our basement is actual drier and cleaner than it was before---because we were inspired to clean up the mess left in the wake of the standing water. And perhaps this location in our home had become a catch-all for a large amount of junk. Perhaps.

Maybe we all need a little standing water in our basement to remind us that it could be worse. Or, that sometimes something has to snap us out of it so we can understand that there will always be those moments--the ones where we feel like everything is put together perfectly, only to be derailed by minor disasters.

I believe you should never take yourself seriously, and in that moment where I was looking fabulous and everything was in order, the Universe reminded me of this. I was put together. I was ready to arrive at work early. Instead, I threw on my double-insulated-rubber-bottomed snow boots and rubber gloves so I could wade armpit-deep into a hole in the floor. I cussed. Then, I laughed.

This was no time to take myself seriously. Then again, when is?

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