Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a Fine Line

Adjusting to being a double dog owner is a major learning curve. At our house, there is an incredibly thin line (of a dog hair-like thickness) between peaceful silence and pure chaos.

Most of the time, things are good. Everyone sniffs around, begs politely in the seated position for scraps and wants nothing more than a scratch behind the floppy ears. Other times, I understand why my mother often threatened to leave my brother and I behind somewhere because we couldn't stop fighting.

It's a thin line.

But, it's more good than it is bad--it's just different.

Life with dogs--like anything else--is a give and take.

More than anything, it's made better by take. As in, taking a walk every single day. Even when the heat index is so high that you wouldn't force your worst enemy to spend the day outside. We still walk. We always walk. And, believe it or not, we all do it together.

I'm sure we are quite the sight to drivers and home owners. The large but always exhausted on walks 80-pound black lab, the small but eternally energetic 30-pound beagle and my small but stronger than I look 110-pound self. I'm just glad that the combined dog weight doesn't outweigh (literally) my own body. It might be more than we could all take.

However chaotic things are in our house, especially when some poor unsuspecting child knocks on the door, when we walk we are a well-oiled machine. A choreographed dance, even. Surprisingly, we couldn't make a better team when we walk together.

When we come home however, everyone spreads out on the oak kitchen floor from total exhaustion. And drinks from water bowls while laying on the floor, legs spread in the most embarrassing manner possible.

Because, as you know, standing is completely exhausting.

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BEAR's Mom said...

oh how cute!!!
i've seen that position before
i call it the 'frog leg'
BEAR gets in that one @ the water bowl too :D


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