Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding Brilliance in the Ordinary

It's funny. You know, how we are always inspired in the oddest places. For me, things tend to hit me like a bolt of lightning when I least expect it. In the midst of doing some mundane task, it just hits me. Have you ever felt it?

There's nothing like it. It's like being smacked in the face and electrified at the same time---except less painful. It's always exciting, though. I usually think, I can't believe I never noticed that before.

Now that we own two dogs, things have changed. Mostly because we have always owned a dog that stays in the yard. Rudi just sits there and has no desire to go anywhere except to her favorite bathroom spot. Buster, on the other hand, needs supervision. Especially outside. Since we do not own an electric fence, this means I take him outside on a leash several times daily (and nightly) to allow him to do his business. It's annoying.

The other night, I stood very impatiently waiting for him to find the "perfect" spot to poop and as I waited, I looked up. I could see every single star in the sky and it was absolutely amazing. It was so amazing that I didn't notice Buster had been running circles around me and had wrapped his leash around my legs a mummy-like fashion. I was too busy taking it all in. If I didn't have a dog to take outside, I would have missed it.

Last night, it happened again. I took the dogs for their daily walk and when I returned home, we were all completely exhausted. Those of us who own sweat glands were drenched and those of us who do not were panting for hours. It was hot. Instead of hopping in the shower and sitting on the couch, I went down into the basement for quick workout. I can always count on good 'ol Jillian Michaels for a brief but intense workout when I don't have the time or patience for 45 minutes of torture.

As I was groaning my way through Level Four of Ripped in 30, Jillian did her classic get-all-up-in-your-biz-and-scream-at-you-about-not-phoning-it-in routine. Then, she said something that hit me in the face, much like a baseball bat:

"You are strongest in the places where you're broken."

And then I didn't hear anything else because I was so enraptured by those words. I couldn't get them off of my mind, even through the world's most insane high leg kick jumping jacks. After the medieval torture workout was over, I spread out on the floor to stretch and realized she was right---totally, awesomely, right.

I have always believed my broken places were the weak spots. We think the things that break us and bruise us in ways we often cannot describe, make us vulnerable. But the truth is when something breaks us, it renews us too---after the dust settles and we look over our shoulder at what has been we realize that we were made stronger by the experience. It doesn't mean we aren't still damaged. We are. But, we understand that enduring something that breaks us also reminds us of our strength and resilience to carry on. We are stronger because we have carefully worked to repair what was once broken.

I can't believe I never noticed that before.

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gratefulmama said...

Love this post! So true! We have a new puppy and I have been enjoying sunrises as I take her out in the wee hours of the morning. Something that I have slept through for quite a while until now.


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