Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Final Farewell

I work for a school district and a few days ago, it was the last day of school. Also, it was the final goodbye to one of our aging elementary buildings that will no longer house students. After decades years of educating children, the building will be closed permanently. The thing that always fascinates me about history is the story--and I can only imagine the stories that building could tell us.

That was what struck me as I watched the kids loudly file out of the building, anxious to begin their summer break. You could feel the excitement, paired with a pinch of sadness. The air was thick.

The kids filed under the building's plackard, just like those have for 150 years. After the building was emptied, the old bell--stamped "1865"--rang one last time for good measure.

It was a fitting farewell.

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