Monday, April 11, 2011

How my brain works

{Just ring already.}

I'm waiting for something important. (side note: what else is new?) It seems that despite my efforts to write blog posts about how I really need to learn to be patient, I'm still not residing in Patientville, USA. In fact, most days it feels as though I recently purchased a home a few towns over (like 345 towns over if you're into counting things).

But despite my extended waiting, learning to be patient and not killing my brain cells with increasingly irrational thoughts, I still have a lot of work to do in the patience department. Which is why, I presume, I'm still waiting. For all eternity. Don't you just hate when all you want is to KNOW and you don't? Your brain does funny things to you.

Your brain starts reminding you of all the things you probably did wrong. And all the reasons that the world should probably return the favor, old school Karma style. Like, maybe there was one time you saw a girl wearing terrible pants and you judged her with your mind and then some other time where you didn't hold the door for an old lady or something? Maybe the Universe has been keeping track of all of these things in a list format and in your moment of greatest need, Universe hasn't forgotten your mistakes. I haven't done either of those things, by the way.

So I'm just sitting here, thumbing my fingers on the desk and mentally willing my cell phone to ring. So, far it hasn't worked.

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