Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Irish Dog

{My two favorite things: baking in the sun & wearing holiday-themed bandanas.}

We don't know exactly what Rudi is, but the veterinarian likes to call her a "Retriever Mix." We like to call her a special blend of savory spices and breeds. Which, I'm sure includes some Irish somewhere. Everyone has at least one distant Irish relative, right?

Rudi went to the groomer yesterday and received a lovely St. Patrick's Day themed bandana during her stay. She also heartily refused to be placed in a cage after her bath, so when I went to pick her up she was chilling in the corner. With a dunce cap on. Kidding.

But when you're a giant spoiled baby with an attitude problem, you deserve a dunce cap. Or, a really cute bandana. Either way, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1 comment:

BEAR's Mom said...

i know what you mean
i would never let my
human know that i am spoiled
and have an attitude...but
i'll tell you girlfriend,
you have to put your foot (feet)
down every now and then and
let them know who's boss.
love the green bandana =)
from your aussie shep friend


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