Friday, February 18, 2011

Four Friday Loves

I love Friday--it's a day that always seems to be filled with such promise. Promise of a few days of rest and, if you're lucky, a day that produces an automatic payment into your bank account. This Friday is special, because for the first time in a long time, it truly feels like things are coming together. It's amazing how a phone call or two can change your life for the better.

 Here are the things I'm loving today:

{A sweet Valentine}

1. I work for a school district, but my job doesn't include much interaction with our students. But every Wednesday, for 25 minutes, I volunteer to work with a little girl who struggles with reading and spelling. It's the highlight of my week. This week, she gave me this pencil as a Valentine's Day gift. Later, we were practicing using words in a sentence and the word was "aspire." Her sentence? "I aspire to some day marry Justin Bieber." She's a girl after my own heart.

{A sweet reminder}
 2. My grandma's turquoise ring, made by my grandfather. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I love that it was hers, but mostly I love that he made it for her. I love that it shows its age and has plenty of imperfections, because that's what love it all about: giving to one another, accepting the things that aren't perfect. I'm also wearing this little gold band from Etsy.

{A sweet office mate}
3. My little hula man from Hawaii. Purchased from the swap meet held twice weekly in the University of Hawaii stadium parking lot, it's a sight to be held. It was great for people watching and tchotchke-buying. I love that it reminds me of the trip of a lifetime; it was almost worth enduring a red eye home just to bring this guy back with me.

4. Adele. She has an AH-mazing voice and I can't stop listening to this song; it's beautiful. Also beautiful? Her song "Someone Like You"--check it out. It's equally amazing. She says her music is "hearbroken soul" which makes for amazing songs and lyrics.

Happy Friday!


BEAR's Mom said...

your friday loves are so special
i can see why each of them would
be on your list...that singer is
awesome...thanks for sharing =)

Bobbi said...

I love the ring, it is so nice, and special, that's the best part of it! I love when you work with a kid and when you realize they've learned what you've been teaching them! I really enjoyed your blog. I'm now following from http://datssocute.blogspot. Have a great weekend! I'll be back soon &heart; BJ

Polly said...

Love the Adele song, thanks for the intro. You should also check out the song, "anchor" by mandy g.. I'm blanking on the artist. Hope you are enjoying a fabulous day!!


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