Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dying a slow death

I'm pretty dramatic. Overly dramatic, even. Whenever something is truly awful, though, I typically proclaim that I am "dying a slow death." Mostly because I am, but partly because it sounds dramatic. Torturous, even.

So, as you can imagine in that little brain of yours, I was dying a really slow death in this little brain of mine, wholly in anticipation of what---or who--might be residing in the attic of my home, being all scratchy n' stuff. Knowing fully well that I am entirely too dramatic and uncoordinated to venture into the attic myself, dearest Husband was sent to explore the attic. I would have loved to sit on the sidelines for said event, but instead my attendance was required at Important Meeting.

At Important Meeting I sat, dying my slow death and wondering what was happening. Did Husband fall through the ceiling, raining rodents and feces everywhere? Was he attacked by bats? Is there a raccoon and its twelve babies living up there? The suspense was actually trying to kill me. So, I sent a Secret Text during Important Meeting, inquiring about the status of the adventure.

The response? "Nope." Nope?? Nope, nothing in the attic to explain the sounds of something digging a large hole to China itself? Nope. It was as though I was dying an even slower death, if that was even possible.

Drats. Here's hoping those super-sonic plug-in devices that rid your home of rodents but don't harm your 75-lb. Labrador Retriever mix yield better results than good, old-fashioned detective work.


Katie said...

Maybe a school picture hanging in the attic will scare the unknown beast away.... and it's safe for your dog too!

Polly said...

Just readying comment at flower patch , wanted to encourage you on your new adoption journey. I am becoming a follower of your blog so I can watch your beautiful journey unfold. Blessings!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh my word... LOL! I use that expression too... I've only had rodents once and we finally went the poison in the attic route, as we new no one else would be up there!


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