Friday, January 7, 2011


{The Rock.}
 Traveling has a way of throwing your routine into a new orbit. Somewhere between the 10-hour flight and 5-hour time change between Ohio and Hawaii, my routine was lost. I think it landed somewhere in South Dakota. So, we tried our hardest to adjust to a new routine by jumping in with both feet.

We transitioned to a new time zone, new climate and new temporary reality. We drove over 900 miles in our rental car, exploring the 60x40 mile island of Oahu with ease. Everything was breathtaking, green and tropical. We went to the beach. We ate Hawaiian ice. We hiked and climbed. We laughed. It was a good transition, and as it turns out one that was much-needed.

Inevitably, things will always change. Hawaii changed us, making us realize that life isn't about worrying. Or thinking you need to change the things you can't control. It's about driving 100 miles a day. Going where the road takes you. Laying on the beach. Taking a deep breath. Climbing 1,048 steps to the top of a mountain. Feeling the sand between your toes. Just being present in the moment. We didn't talk about life, we just lived it instead.

Returning home and coming back to our old routine was a change, too. But walking in that door felt like getting a big hug; it's always good to be back. Our old routine, the one we were so happy to leave behind, had changed while we were gone. Life was different and it didn't hit the pause button while we were away. New challenges and transitions crept onto our front porch while we sat on the beach, pretending they didn't exist. But, as it turns out, life isn't about refusing to give in to the change. It's about realizing it's all part of life. And a good life at that.

{The Steps on Koko Head. Conquered. All 1,048 of them.}

{I'm smiling because I haven't climbed to the top yet.}

{The beaches are insanely beautiful.}

{Pearl Harbor was equally amazing.}

{Being fanned with a wet palm frond isn't as relaxing as I anticipated.}
{Oahu: the best food is served in a shack or run-down truck. True story.}

{Next Hawaiian vacation: 2025.}


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I'm so jealous... I went on my honeymoon... I should go back, because it's a little awkward to talk about it now :)

Sounds like a wonderful and rejuvenating time!

Stephanie the PW said...

you climbed those STEPS?!?!? Holy wow! That's awesome! I can't imagine how beautiful it is in person - I want to go to Hawaii!!!

I loved what you wrote about not worrying about the things you can't change - drive 100 miles instead. Love it. I've just recently learned that living that way is the true way to be happy :)

Have a great weekend!

AMY said...

Gorgeous pictures!
I'm a new follower, love your blog!
Amy's Life @


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