Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All wine racks, all the time: a CSN Stores Review

{My new Art Deco wine rack}

The lovely people at CSN Stores recently contacted me to do a review of a product from one of their 200+ websites. I said yes, without hesitation. They sent me an e-gift card and asked me to purchase a product of my choice for a review.

When you have that many websites, it can be an overwhelming task to choose just one item. However, in the process of locating an item to review, I fell in love. That's right, I fell in love--with a website. It's probably my favorite of all the CSN sites, Just Wine Racks. I love wine and I love beautiful containers with which to store and display my wine, so it was a relationship that clearly was meant to be. Made in heaven itself, even.

After perusing the great spread of wine racks, I found the perfect one: the Creative Creations ArtDeco Eight Bottle Wine Holder. I got free shipping and my lovely rack arrived quickly via UPS. It's great quality, very strong and heavy and incredibly secure. Considering its weight, however, I had my husband hang it on the wall so we could ensure it was attached to a stud in the wall. The rack did not come with any mounting hardware, but luckily my husband had the proper screws to attach it to the wall properly and it looks great. To be honest, I was a bit worried that it might fall from the wall, considering its weight, along with the added weight of full wine bottles, but it's very secure.

I love the unique look of this piece---it's substantial, but not overwhelming. I love that the bottles are displayed in such a beautiful way; I can't say that I've seen anything like it. I had my husband install the rack in our dining room, near my china cabinet and to the left of the back doors of our house. Nearly every fixture in our house is oil rubbed bronze, so it fits in perfectly. I made a point to have it installed in a "lower traffic" area of our home, however, because it sticks out quite a bit from the wall. The corner of our dining room was perfect: it's visible, but will likely never be accidentally bumped by someone walking by.

{A closer look}

{Side view--it sticks out quite a bit from the wall.}

Overall, I had a great experience with CSN Stores and am very happy with my new wine rack. I anticipate it will be a great conversation piece and will, of course, inspire me to buy more wine. Or, whine. Either way.

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