Monday, November 22, 2010

It was worth the pain

For some reason, I am very fascinated by pain. We all experience it, live through it and know what it feels like. We work through the physical pain, mental anguish, spiritual crumble--all forms of pain. But often we say things like, "It was worth the pain," or look back on a painful experience as something that has helped us to grow or change in some positive way.

But, is the pain always worth it? What was the point of your scraped knee as a child? What was the meaning behind a broken arm or a bee sting? How about a broken heart? There are forms and avenues of pain that most would agree are, in fact, worth it. Like childbirth. Or life-saving surgery. Or, a heartbreaking failure that led to an epiphany about your life's path. While subjective, those pains are all worth it. Perhaps the confusion enters the room when we attempt to justify or understand why the pain happened within the experience, rather than looking back on the past.

Pain comes in so many forms that we often forget what it feels like. We can recall the experience of being in pain, but soon the actual feeling fades away and we're left with the relief that it's over rather than the agony of the ache. We learn not to place our hands on the hot stove or stick our fingers in the door, but does pain always have to be a learning experience?

I'm currently recovering from minor surgery, which is painful. Physically, of course. But in the end, I would say this the pain is actually worth it. Sometimes, enduring the pain to find the answers to your previously unanswered questions is worth it--even if it comes with the medical suggestion for further, more invasive surgery. But I believe we should only burn one painful bridge at a time.

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Kerry McCullough said...

I'm a big believer that all those little seemingly pointless pains do help to form your character- even the scraped knees and bee stings. Gotta learn at a young age that life is gonna bite ya sometimes. And especially broken hearts- learn WHO is worth the pain :)


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