Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Sooo Funny, Nancy?

I'm not one to frequently talk politics, but the constant onslaught of politics that has been arriving in my mailbox twice daily has successfully worn me down. Politics really are a funny thing. This is because most of the time, they aren't really achieving anything.

Allow me to explain. See the postcard above? It's from some organization I've never heard of, mailed to our home in what I can only surmise is an attempt to convince me that I should attempt to stop Nancy from laughing at me so much. I should vote this way because Nancy Pelosi is laughing at ME. ME, of all people! Why would she do such a thing? Doesn't she know that I think her necklace is totally adorable? No one, of sane mind or of ability to accept proper compliments, would ever laugh at me. Then, as if Nancy laughing at me in a truly awful fashion wasn't enough, they dropped the bomb: I had a mission. My mission was simple: to wipe smiles off of faces. Or else. Or else the joke, as it were, is on me. So much for my old goal of bringing joy to the hearts of mankind.

You know, I can't help but laugh right along with Nancy Pelosi. Mostly because I hate to think she's laughing at me and not with me, but mostly because she's right: it's funny. Funny because this postcard, which is meant to persuade, is doing nothing of the sort. Telling me that someone is dumb, incompetent, laughing at me, or rolling over me doesn't convince me that you are smart. It insults my intelligence. Why? Because I deserve to be given an impartial glimpse into what each candidate believes. I want to know what you stand for. I want to know what you're going to do for me, regardless of my political affiliation. I don't care if your opponent is a witch. I'm not all that concerned that something is so funny that it should be spelled "Sooo" instead of its real spelling. Again, my intelligence is insulted.

But here's the other thing that has me laughing: by far, the subject matter of vast majority of political items received at our home? Guns. Bunches and bunches of guns. One flier even had a heaping pile of guns on display and encouraged us to tell the "gun grabbers" to leave us, our lifestyle and er, guns, alone. Yeah, that's right! Quit trying to grab my guns. No one likes a grabby pants. Oh, and perhaps grabbing things like guns is a bad idea anyway, no? Safety first, grabbing second!

That's great, right? People who will work to "preserve our way of life" and "let us wear our camouflage with some orange stuff so we don't get shot" and "give us permission to sit in a tree stand for hours" and "feed the deer and spread urine on the ground." Those things are all both fine and dandy. Really. However, we don't do any of those things. We don't own a gun. We don't hunt. Really, we do nothing involving guns ever. So, I'm curious as to how we got on the "Please send multiple fliers to our home on gun rights, concealed carry, hunting, guns and other guns. Please. Pretty, pretty please." Because in the end, what's sooooooo funny is that the joke, as it were, appears to be on them.


Naomi said...

I totally agree the "harassment" has to

Closer to Lucy said...

Right there with ya!!! Can't wait for the ads, door knockers, and phone calls to end!

The slander is so tiresome....sad part is that it works on some folks.

Headed out to vote today, so I can have a reason to keep complaining!

BEAR's Mom said...

Amen Sister!!!

Welcome To My Kitchen said...

Im a new follower from the blog hop. Come visit my kitchen anytime.


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