Friday, September 3, 2010

The Itchy & Scratchy Show

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There is more itching and scratching going on at our house than an itch-less, scratch-less gal like me knows how to handle. You see, everyone who lives at our house, except for yours truly, has allergies. And from what I hear on the daily radio farm shows, the pollen count is currently through the roof. Whatever that means.

The only thing that I am allergic to is the popular antibiotic, Amoxicillin. Which, truth be told, is actually quite annoying. Because I have to remember its correct spelling for my medical charts when filling out excessive amounts of paperwork. And, I have to listen to every M.D. I have ever had the pleasure of knowing say, "I see you're allergic to Amoxicillin?" Then, I have to decide whether the statement that sounded like a question requires an answer. It's quite taxing.

My husband as you might recall, is allergic to cats. He's also not a fan of ragweed, pollen, dust, mold and every other thing on Earth. My dog is allergic to some unknown thing in the atmosphere because she has two parents who are too cheap to find out what's ailing her. This is because the vet (who charges $50 just to make me wait for 25 minutes, then give me the side-eye) informed me that an allergy test for my dog will cost me roughly 5.5 million dollars and my left arm and may or may not even tell them what she's allergic to because technology just really isn't "there" yet. Sounds like a fantastic bargain. Where do I sign?

While my husband is sniffling, wiping his nose and living in intense misery, Rudi has taken another approach: scratching incessantly. It's loud. It often involves a loud foot thumping on the ground in our bedroom at 3 a.m. which interrupts my beauty rest and excessive nose-wiping on my off-white carpeting. Again with the white carpeting! Why do you insist upon wiping every part of your body on something that is the opposite color as you? More importantly, who decided it was a good idea to buy something that was the opposite color as you? All I know is, it was not me. It was the previous owners (who were both veterinarians, of all people) who not only decided on off-white carpeting, they also decided to train their cats to NOT use the litter box.

But I digress. As usual. Topics as traumatizing as attempting to remove cat urine from the sub floor of my lovely home have a way of distracting me from the conversation at hand. Who could blame me?

So, we're soothing our itches with allergy pills and balms for itches. But we didn't get the balm from a Maestro.


jennoreilly said...

my dog also has horrible allergies and every year in late august he goes crazy for 2 weeks scratching incessantly. I talked to my vet about it and she just advised me to give him 1/2 a regular antihistamine 2X a day. He's a Welsh Corgi and weighs about 40 lbs, you should call your vet and see what they say as this is WAAAAAAY cheaper than getting the prescribed meds from the vet office!

Good luck, I feel your pain!!
Here from FFF!

Capricorn Soap Company said...

Yeah, here, too. Do you know that this is the THIRD attempt I am making to leave a comment here, and my #$^& computer is NOT cooperating. :-) I had a clever comment, too - about allergies, too. tee hee

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Meg O. said...

Yikes! Allergies, indeed! Sounds like me.... except I'm not allergic to cats (thank god) :)


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