Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The first coat is the deepest

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Three day weekends really are fantastic. I mean, anytime I am given full permission by the U.S. Government to sleep in and not go to work on a Monday I'm thrilled. Labor Day was no exception. I slept in, I snuggled with my dog and drank massive amounts of coffee while watching Jersey Shore on my DVR. Life, as they say, does not get much better than this. Especially when Sammi "Sweetheart" and J-WOWW engage in a good, old-fashioned, cat fight.

Anyway. I decided that if I was going to truly enjoy this extended weekend, I was going to have to accomplish something worthwhile. Other than catching up on my DVR, of course. You and I both know that watching the shows I record is neither "worth" or "while." Or, a combination of those two words. I thought (for .5 seconds) about folding the clean laundry monster than lives in my laundry room, but grew bored. Because it's the laundry room. Everyone loves having a laundry room, but no one actually LIKES the laundry room. It's a sad, sad place where my random socks go to die.

So, instead of being trapped in that awful place, I did what any good homeowner would do: I painted. Sherwin Williams was having a 30% off sale (and you know how much I love a good sale!) so I invested in not one, not two, but THREE gallons of paint. In the daring shade of Copper Mountain. It fit the description of what I was looking for to a T. The fine people at my local Sherwin Williams see me coming and run to the nearest corner. You know, because I say things like:

"I'm looking for an orangy, burnt umber, coppery, brownish orange brick color that isn't too orange and isn't too brown. Or brick."

I mean, who wouldn't want to punch me in the face? So, I somehow--via a miracle handed down by God Himself--managed to locate the color combination that sounds like it doesn't exist. Lemmetellya, it exists. In three gallons of paint. At my house. I purchased said wall covering for two purposes: 1. To paint the upstairs hallway and 2. To paint the master bathroom. Both locales are in very desperate need of paint. Also, both locales are currently painted a very light color. So, changing them to that extended description above is just a BIT of a change.

After many hours of painting, cussing (just thinking about orange/brownish/burnt umber paint splattered onto a white baseboard makes me hyperventilate) and listening to Pandora, also known as The Best Invention Ever, I was finished with the first coat. And almost passed out. Cuz it's a big change and I'm scared of change. And orange. But, the first coat is always the scariest. And I think there's some saying like, "Don't judge a paint color by it's first coat" or something about a book and its cover. I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure it's deep and meaningful. Like my new paint color.


Kathy Thomas said...

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BEAR's Mom said...

LOL great post :D

Steph S. said...

ohhh I think that color (honestly!) sounds beautiful! The color of a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks? I love spicy colors, not just b/c i'm in the mood for them since it's fall, but all the time - I'm always a fan of browns, oranges, golds... deep warm tones automatically up the cozy-factor times 100! You'll get used to it. One time, I convinced my mom to paint the walls of our family room plum. She HATED it at first, said she felt like she was living in a bat cave. But we brightened it up with some nice contrasting accents and it really worked! She fell in love. Give it a chance, girl! And good luck w/the 2nd coat.

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