Monday, September 20, 2010

Career Choices

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As a child, I told anyone who would listen that it was my life's dream to be either a veterinarian or horse trainer when I grew up. Then, I grew up. And I realized that horse trainers really need to know something about horses and veterinarians need to be good at biology. Clearly, I do not fit the bill for any of the aforementioned skill sets as I probably touched a horse one time and I hate the sciences. They really are the worst.

Then, in my teen years, I surmised that a career in business was the life for me. Until I applied to business school and realized that I wasn't good at math. Also, I enjoyed crushing all of my life's dream by realizing I was not proficient in any of the skills required for a successful career in said field. Pity party, table of one. Can I major in dream crushing instead?

{I still want to be Lady Gaga when I grow up.}

So, I realized that really the thing I am good at is writing. And talking. And being nosy. Lucky for me, I found the career path and major that suited me and my fantastic personality: PR. But, what about my other dreams? What about a life of ease teaching horses to behave and fixing the feeble and sickly animals of the world? What about my DREAMS? Well, sometimes we just have to let our dreams go. Let them fly free in the breeze and understand that really, it just was not meant to be. Little girls need to be taught that they can only dream about realistic things. Through debilitating failure.

But anyway.

This weekend, I realized that another of my (potential) career paths was not meant to be: I am not destined to be a painter. I'm just not, ever, going to be a painter. I won't be wearing white coveralls to work every day. (Why white, btw?) Sure, I can paint and I'd like to think I'm pretty darn good at painting. Then again, painting every wall surface in your home can do that to a girl. Oh, and painting 456456 oak kitchen cabinets in one week's time. That has a way of doing crazy things to you, too. I continued on my tirade of painting by tackling our master bathroom this weekend. You know, the one with that weird plastic window. How could you have possibly forgotten that place?

I haven't, but that's because I live there. This bathroom was beyond gross and I'm wondering how on earth we managed to not realize this earlier. The paint was peeling in quite a disturbing fashion, which meant I had to patch, sand and prime the walls before I even dreamed of painting. And allow me to be the first to inform you that I like a lot of things, but extra steps are not included in that list of things.

I finally got around to slapping on some paint yesterday afternoon, and I like to think of painting as a time where I enjoy a front row seat to my very life flashing before my eyes. This is mostly due to the fact that I am the worst when it comes to using a ladder. Oh, don't lean off the edge of the ladder to reach something far away because you're too lazy to move the ladder 2 feet? Pssh. Don't boss me. What's that? Don't drop the ladder that has a large gallon of paint on the little paint shelf on your big toe then scream bloody murder? Puh-leaze. Huh? I shouldn't put one foot on the ladder and the other one a tiny shelf THIS big in the shower to reach the highest corner in the bathroom instead of getting a taller ladder? Shut it, already.

Despite several opportunities to break my neck or smash my face in, I managed to walk away from yesterday's painting extravaganza with just a bloody, gouged toenail to show for my efforts. Oh, and orangey paint on the ceiling and primer that appears to be permanently fused to my epidermis. Battle scars, people. Battle scars.


Pitching Pencils said...

New follower from Meet Me Monday! Hope you can stop by sometime.

Sherrie said...

So sorry to hear of your battle scars. Isn't it great that you are such a wonderful writer? A comfy chair, a warm blanket, no pain in that.

Mommies 2 Cents said...

I can so relate to this post! BTW...I am completely obsessed with orange right now! Great choice! Have a good week.


Kristin said...

I'm following you from MMM blog hop!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

The Bipolar Diva said...

oh I need to paint, wanna help?

Anisha said...

I'm following you....follow me!!!!

Hey I think you can be BIGGER then Lady Gaga, better start thinking of some creative outfits, LOL!

Keli said...

I wanted to be those thing too! Of course, now I'm a housewife... with 3 dogs...

You can come paint overhere anytime ;)

Following you from a Wednsday Blog Hop!!

I have a blog hop too -Friendly Wednesday, Hope to see you there!

Kristin said...

My attempts at painting have not been pretty!


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