Monday, August 23, 2010

What are you, a hoarder?

{A snapshot of my personal madness}

I am the first to admit that I'm quite weird. I am excessively anal-retentive about almost everything and if I had it my way, everything would be perfect all the time. I have this strange obsession with details that often makes it difficult to understand what most might refer to as the "big picture." I'm typically too busy scrubbing the baseboards of my house with a toothbrush to be bothered with folding my laundry.

Here's a good example: my office at work. As a PR professional, I am quite concerned with the daily newspaper. I want to know what's in the paper, what people are saying and how our organization is being portrayed to the public. So, I get the newspaper every day. I peruse the pages and eventually get around to using my scissors to cut out the pertinent articles and glue them into a binder, organized with tabs. Lately, however, I cannot be bothered with this menial task. I have bigger fish to fry. So, the newspapers have stacked up and it's getting to be quite embarrassing. If you and one of your friends wish to pay me a visit, for example, I unfortunately only have room for one of you to sit. The other must either A.) Stand or B.) Sit atop a mountain of newspapers. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

I've been embarrassed by this growing collection of newspapers, but not embarrassed enough to really do anything about it. Until today, when I was reminded that it makes me look crazier than I actually am. Someone paid me a visit and before saying anything else (like hello) they said, "What are you, a hoarder?"

Yes. Yes, I am. I'm those people that I gasp at on those TLC shows who refuse to throw anything away. I collect important things that I refuse to dispose of because they help fill the void in my poor, sad life. Newspapers are like friends. Friends who never talk back and who make my hands filthy. With friends like these, who needs anything else?


Lana said...

Too funny! There isn't enough time in the day some days to get to everything, and then before you know it, you have fallen off the wagon. I've been off for about 9 years, and now I am ready to climb back on, once I get done catching up on my blog friends of course! ;-)

PrincessBeks said...

you know what i am also a hoarder i just pile post on top of on top of post until i relaise i have a lot of post and should do something about it and what do i do..... just stick it in a box under my bed!
And I am looking into a PR career so any advise would be useful

Anne said...

followed you here from FMBT... hope you can follow me back... thanks...

Makeupthoughts said...


I'm your new have a lovely blog,hope you can come and visit me at


Reluctant Writer said...


I don't think I could be a horder. If I start feeling cluttered. I have to start throwing things out. I just cant do it all at once. I usually takes a couple of days. So i wont feel to overwhelem.

Im your newest follwer from the blog hop. I hope you stop by.

Cristin said...

Following you from

Ron Cooper said...

Hi Emily!

Already following you! Now posting inspiring messages on my new Facebook fan page three times a week. Take a peek:


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