Monday, August 16, 2010

The weekend in photographic review

{It's the "pretend like you're a statue" trick. Rudi has it mastered.}

I purchased a new camera with the birthday money I received from my parents and have likewise gone on a recent photographic binge. It was time: my previous camera was purchased nearly 6 years ago and, to say the least, was extremely awful and outdated. Therefore, owning a new camera with a "skin softening" feature makes it difficult to not to want to take photos of everything. Here are the highlights of my spectacular weekend in picture form.

{Little, yellow birthday roses}

{AH-mazing orangy-red sunflowers from the grocery store}

{Wearing peep toe shoes today to show off my weekend pedi in OPI's "My Chihuahua Bites"}

{A spectacular antique art deco-style ring from my parents. Isn't it beautiful?}

{A preview of tomorrow's big reveal, two years in the making}


Steph S. said...

I want a new camera!!! Now i'm whining!!! Soo... I can't wait to find out what's been developing for the past two years!

Sassy Style Cards said...

Very cool, new cameras are always exciting. I usually break mine too fast in the weirdest ways. Found your blog on blog hop and followed :)

Send the love back please :)

Bargain Mom said...

Happy Tuesday! I am a new follower. Please visit me at

ArtsyCanvasGirl said...

Your newest follower via TTT blog hop...Congrats on your new camera. My camera is one of my most prized possessions. It brings me such joy! Looks like you had a marvelous birthday and weekend! I'll be back to see your reveal!


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