Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So you're saying there's a chance

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It's been raining quite often in Ohio recently. As an avid gardener who has 34534 other things to do rather than water my plants, I find great enjoyment in this recent weather pattern. However, as someone with the world's frizziest, biggest, craziest hair, I do not enjoy getting rained upon. This is why I frequent weather stations and websites to get the quadruple Doppler radar forecast before going outdoors. It's common sense, really. I would even get the weather on my Smart phone if I wasn't too cheap to pay for Internet service.

Yesterday was sorta no exception to this tried and true rule. The dog and I headed out on our nightly walk, but wished to check the weather before departing on our extended journey. Instead of checking the weather ourselves, we relied upon my husband to report the conditions. You're fine, he said. Only a 30% chance of rain, he reported like an avid meteorologist in front of a large green screen with big hand motions and funny graphics. Like, the classic thermometer that's sweating because it's SO hot or the sun that is wearing sunglasses to protect its eyes from...itself? Then there's my favorite: the shivering, obviously cold, snowman. Because when your body is actually made of snow, it's possible to be cold. Of course.

Anyway. We put our trust in this report and headed out, ignoring the rumbles of thunder and liking our 70% rain-free chances. However, halfway through our journey the sky broke open and rained heavily upon us both. I'm still trying to sort out who enjoyed the experience less, but judging by the fact that the dog was really in no hurry to get back home, I vote for myself. I tried to run, but The Dog Who Doesn't Want to Run Unless She Feels Like It Which Is Never was having no part in the urgency of the situation. She doesn't like water, but she doesn't like to run more so trotting home at a leisurely pace clearly took precedence.

After finally arriving home, I toweled myself off while the dog felt the best drying method was to rub her entire body (which, surprise! smelled like a wet dog) all over the off-white carpet. Whoever felt off-white carpet was a good idea needs to be poked in the eye. When my better half came trotting down the stairs, the following happened:

Me: "30% my ass."
Him: "I said there was a chance. There's always a chance. Everybody knows that."

Everybody, except me.

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