Monday, July 19, 2010

Romantic vs. Not Romantic

My dearest husband and I spent the weekend enjoying one another's company and celebrating (almost) three years of marriage. When it comes to life in general, I am pretty high maintenance. I need things like clean sheets, compliments, attention and water with lemon for survival. But when it comes to romance, I don't need much to declare something is romantic.

For example, we began our almost-anniversary day at a winery. Romantic. There were flies buzzing around our heads, landing on us periodically before being smashed with a rolled-up newspaper by the owner/wine maker. Extra romantic. We then waited in line for 15 million minutes to check into our posh downtown hotel behind a man that smelled like onions. Romanticer.

Then, we walked around and got sweaty in the sweltering heat before enjoying a delightful rib dinner at the best rib joint in the tri-state area: Montgomery Inn. We were so sweaty from all the walking that we began to realize that we too smelled like that guy who smelled like onions. Not romantic. Luckily, the bathrooms at Montgomery Inn have cologne dispensers. For a mere 25 cents, I could make everyone think I took a shower and used functioning deoderant. However, I had no idea what these colognes smelled like, which presented a small problem: I didn't know what I was going to smell like. My options? Ck1, Obsession and Eternity. What is this, I wondered? A perfume dispenser from 1993? I was stumped and only had one quarter to find out which 1990's era scent I was going to smell like for the remainder of the day. I foolishly chose Obsession and realized my horrible, awful mistake when I realized the perfume was orange. ORANGE. That's the first clue that you're about to smell disgusting. And disgusting I smelled.

After the Bathroom Perfume Incident, we again walked in the sweltering heat to our next romantic destination: a dueling piano bar. We enjoyed a beer and lotsa piano playin' before heading out to the ballpark to catch a Reds game and get our hands on a Chris Sabo bobblehead. Then, something really romantic happened: the sky broke open and it began to rain a few things: lots of water and gigantic hail. So, we did what any romantic couple would do: we drank another beer.

The rain stopped after beer #2 and we spent the remainder of the evening catching a great game and drinking coffee. Seriously. OK, so then we drank beer and mohito's. But not after a large cup of coffee. That's how we roll around here: gross bathroom perfume and hot coffee. That's my kind of romance.


Steph S. said...

I LOVE THE REDS, LOVE visiting Cincinnati, and LOVE this post! Can I hang out with you guys? seriously - all of those little shenanigans sounded like a blast! :)

Julie said...

Tuesday Following Follower! Love your design!


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