Thursday, July 1, 2010

Karma: not always so bitchy

I recently announced that I was going on a spending diet and vowed to purchase only the essentials in an effort to revamp my spending habits. I clearly have only been at this venture for a few weeks now but lemmetellyasomethin' it's been hard. Like taking a test you didn't study for hard. Or, agreeing to babysit for your friend's newborn quadruplets hard. I don't have any friends with quadruplets, but I imagine babysitting for more than one baby at a time would successfully send me into a manic tailspin in which I would need to borrow your inhaler to catch my breath. You have an inhaler, right?

Yesterday, however, I was beginning to think that karma was repaying me large dividends for investing my focused efforts to spend less money on clothing made by Miley Cyrus. Quit judging me--I said I wasn't buying clothing from Miley Cyrus. Just dreaming about her clothing line, which I can clearly do free of charge. Eat it. Yesterday was a big day for me in the karma department, it really was. It started out like a normal day, and then karma revved her engine and began showering me with lovely gifts. I:

Won a free Tiffany's-inspired palm tree necklace from Emitations and the lovely Jennifer over at Looks for Less

Won a $25 gift certificate to Forever 21 (I think I can buy at least 543 pairs of jeans with that kind of bank.)

Several friends took me up on my invitation to join Haute Look and made purchases, garnering me a handsome credit to my account. So, I got my shopping fix in and it didn't cost me a penny. They currently have a few exciting sales happening, including American Apparel items up to 55% off and my personal favorite, discount Hazel & Harlow jewelry.

American Apparel is cheap and chic to begin with, so buying it at a discount was exciting. I snagged this super adorable Spandex Jersey Two-Tone Fitted Mini dress for a mere $17. It was originally $34--a mere 50% off. It was thrilling.

I have drooled significantly over the jewelry made by Hazel & Harlow for what seems like eons. I again almost died of excitement when I saw those beautiful pieces for up to 81% off the original price. It was almost as exciting as the possibility of buying 1,200 shirts from Forever 21 with my $25 gift card. I sort of have this "thing" for vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, which is exactly what Hazel & Harlow delivers. All of their pieces are French-inspired and are hand carved and set in 22K gold vermeil with white topaz stones. They are fantastic in that old-meets-new kind of way, and though they are new, they look like something from your fashionable Great Aunt's jewelry box. They really are beautiful.

A few of my favorite pieces include this faint-inducing Filigree Horseshoe Pendant

This jaw-dropping Antiqued Love Bird Pendant

And, what I think may be my favorite piece of all: this fantastic Antiqued Bird on a Branch Pendant

Beautiful, eh? So, after lamenting for what seemed like additional eons, I finally settled on my purchase: The Antiqued Magic Feather Pendant

So, how much was this beautiful necklace, you ask? Oh, just a mere $18.50.

Want to join Haute Look? Just click on the link on the top right column of my blog under "Discount Shopping Sites I Adore" and you're in. The American Apparel and Hazel & Harlow sales end tomorrow, July 2nd, at 8:00 a.m. They roll out several new sales each day. Joining Haute Look (or any of the other sites listed) is completely free. When you invite your friends to join, you get a credit to your account after they make their first purchase. Each site varies in the amount they credit you (typically between $10 and $20 per friend) but it can add up quickly and allows you to get in your shopping fix for free. Haute Look typically gives you $10 per friend but is currently running their "Summer Kickoff Invite a Friend Special" and will give you a $20 credit each time a friend you invite between June 28 through July 6 makes their first purchase by July 20.

Most of these sites are invite-only, so consider this your formal invitation. Happy shopping!

{All photos from Haute Look / Hazel & Harlow}


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