Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Window shopping

I'm totally not spending money on things I don't need right now, but if I was....

I totally would have purchased this adorable, incredible necklace from American Eagle. Seriously. This necklace is only $14.95 and ae has a "Buy one, get one 50% off sale" on all jewelry. Plus, it looks exactly like the $100+ J. Crew necklaces I salivate over every time a catalog arrives in my mail box.
So, if I had purchased this necklace, which I did not, I would have purchased another piece of jewelry, like this adorable peridot cocktail ring:

Very David Yurman-ish, no? It too is on sale for $11.95 and with the 50% off, would be just $6. A gigantic peridot cocktail ring (which is my birthstone, BTW) for $6? Shut the front door!

Then, because I have no self control, I probably would have considered investing in a fedora. You know, because I'm SUCH a hat person. Everyone I know says so. All the time. It gets pretty annoying. Kinda like this girl:

Wouldn't I just be the sweetest, sassiest lady you know in that hat? I'd be tipping it constantly, wishing everyone I pass a "G'day!" I would say things like, "Hello, kind sir!" and "Good day to you, madam!" and then I'd take out my pocket square handkerchief to blow my nose in public and tuck that snot rag back in when I was finished. Then, I would check the time on my gold pocket watch. Also, I would remove my cap as a sign of respect at baseball games during the National Anthem. Why? Well, because that is what us hat people do. We're hat people and we don't care what you think. Also, we have hat hair and are using hats to cover up the fact that we have bad hair or are balding. Slowly. Painfully.

 I tell you what, this not buying things thing is really exhausting. It's like I have to plan out all the things I was going to buy, but never actually buy them and then go into the corner and rock back and forth while I cry over $6 peridot rings and the ability to call myself a hat person. It takes up a large portion of my day. I really think I'd make a great hat person someday. Someday.

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