Monday, June 21, 2010

Newsflash: I'm going on a diet

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No, not that kind of diet. A money diet. I've already begun my liquid diet cleanse and like anything new, the first few days are a real you-know-what. What? You want me to cut out all carbs, sugar and salt AND stop shopping at Banana Republic? I couldn't possibly bear that for longer than 24 hours. Seriously, the base of my personal food pyramid is composed entirely of pretzels. Removing them from this equation will cause an avalanche of salty deliciousness.

I mean, I can only drink a cayenne pepper-laced beverage stop buying things I don't need for a limited amount of time before I might potentially lose it. The funny thing is, like most occasions where we don't realize that we've put on a few pounds, I really don't know how this began. A quick stop at Target here and a fly by at J. Crew there, and before I know it I own 7 black blazers. All different styles and fabrics of course, but there are still SEVEN of the same basic staple hanging out in my closet. At least they are in good company.

I'm not in financial ruin over here, but I am spending money on things that I now realize that I don't need. Instead of socking away my dolla dolla bills for the 14 year-old water heater that is just waiting for an inappropriate time to die, I'm buying adorable shirts and dresses. I really didn't need them then and I don't need them now, either. I find that learning how to live with what I already have presents a challenge, but creates a healthier life in the process. Just because I want/like something and it's on sale, does not mean that I need it and should buy it. It's ideas like this that got us into the Seven Black Blazers Situation.

Here's how my mind works: I see. I like. I want. I obsess. I find. I buy. Granted, there are occasions where I don't buy, like when the thing I covet is really expensive or impractical. I'm not over here buying lavish flat screen televisions, diamond encrusted tennis bracelets, mink stoles and CRUNK!!! Juice. No, I'm hitting up the clearance rack at the Gap and loading up on flash-in-the-pan trends from Forever 21. But like anything, a $25 purchase here and a $43 "investment" there adds up. I am the queen of "But, it was ON SALE!" which really is an excuse that no one believes, including my husband who loves things that are on sale. Like that fence we constructed along the US border, I can't get anything past him.

So, I've vowed to give serious (er, more seriouser?) consideration to the establishing of a stronger line between "want" and "need." For example, I need food. Also, I need water. I need to wash my hair and my armpits every once in a while. Additionally, I need wine. Whoops. No, I want wine and I need to whine. All the time. About everything. Like a big, gigantic baby.

I'm only a few weeks into my new diet and while I have wavered here and there, I'm doing pretty darn well in a "big picture" kind of way. Besides, knowing that the money I'm NOT spending is going towards a trip here is excellent motivation. Aloha!


Kristin said...

Haha. I am the queen of "but there was a coupon for it and it was going to expire." Bet your husband wouldn't buy that excuse either. It's so sad really that we blur the lines between want and need until one day...we own seven black blazers. I'm with ya and am ready to take on the challenge of the money diet here as well. :)

Katherine said...

Brian calls it spending $$ to save $$.... anywho if your water heater is 14 try getting a home warranty... ours bailed us out a few times over the last year!!


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