Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clearing the clutter

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If there's anything that is likely to push me over the edge and result in full blown insanity, it's clutter. I like stuff and I know we need things, but we need them to be organized. And, we need to not throw them on the kitchen counter when we come home. Or on the dining room table. Or on the bedroom floor. Really, as long as everything is in a neat pile, I can stop breathing through a paper bag and catch my breath.

Often, clutter is an outward display of inner turmoil. When things are haywire and life gets stressful, our home begins to reflect our angst. For me, stress and angst result in an even cleaner house based upon a bizarre, cathartic need to clean everything in sight when I'm bothered. However, it's another story when it comes to the closet. The answer to the "Where does this go?" question typically means that thing goes in the junk drawer or one of our 234897234 closets. We'll just deal with it later!

Well, later comes around sooner than we think and it becomes time for a house cleansing. This incites some bizarre excitement in me, as I have a great love of baskets and plastic containers. Also, I love my label maker. And my Swiffer duster. And organized piles. And being anal-retentive about everything. Oh, and throwing junk away. I like that, too.

I recently embarked on a closet-cleaning journey, starting with the coat closet by the front door. It's a hodge-podge of 5 million coats (seriously, there are only 2 people in this house that wear coats, how many do we really need?) hats, gloves and biking/running paraphernalia. The situation was quickly remedied with a trip to heaven (AKA Target) for some baskets and 5 minutes later we looked like The Organized Family. That's a name we can stand behind.

My next task is one I have been dreading: organizing our walk-in bedroom closet. It's a clothing tsunami in there, I tell ya. I have so much crappy clothing from Forever 21 that I rarely wear because it's stuffed in the corner like a scared puppy clothing in random, non-sensical piles that looks like it threw up on itself after a long night of drinking whiskey that I have no idea what options are available to me when it comes to dressing myself. I just stand there in my underwear, like I'm hypnotized, while I try to find some semblance of an outfit to slap onto my body. Then, I hate the first 5 things I put on and go back to standing in my underwear until I realize that we're now 15 minutes late for something. It's a delight, really.

So, Friday will be devoted to organizing, pile creating and shipping items to Goodwill for processing. If I haven't worn it in a year, it's time to say so long, sucker. Based upon how crazy my closet looks currently, I have a feeling that I'm actually the sucker in this situation. I'll keep you posted.


Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

LOL, but I love the jewelry from Forever 21

closet designer said...

You are so making me feel like I need to clean my own closet out. I do everyone else for a living and never do my own.

BEAR's Mom said...

This was a really cute post...i especially like the part about inner turmoil as i am the guilty party when it comes to throwing stuff on the dining room table. Come to think of it...we have 12 coats in our closet...hmmmm...i think i feel a project coming on :D

Jo said...

Yay for label makers and plastic containers of ALL SIZES!!! Unfortunately, I think I live with a closet hoarder (no pun intended, really). He doesn't think the label maker is necessary, or fun, or Super-Fun with a margarita. It's my goal to change his mind this summer. Cause his spew of stuff is growing and making my skin do crawly things!!!!
GREAT post :-)


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