Friday, May 21, 2010

What you get when you don't get what you want

A few weeks ago, I convinced myself that I wanted something. Needed it. Just HAD to have it. It would make me happy, I surmised. Solve all my problems. Turn the world into an abundance of rainbows and kittens. So, I put myself out there. I took a chance. I risked it. Turns out, I didn't get what I wanted. You could even say that I failed. Strangely, I wasn't upset by this news--it actually made me happy.

I believe that life is just as much about letting things go as it is about accepting them. When we let one thing go, it means we have to accept that it's gone. Accept that it just wasn't meant to be. Accept whatever is left in its place. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we need something when really and truly, it's just something we want. I'm notorious about this little mind game; I see something I like and want and subsequently manage to convince myself that I actually need it. Do I? No, I do not. But in my mind, I've already decided I need it and have found the perfect place to put it. Or, the perfect occasion to wear it.

For me, not getting the thing I thought I wanted made me realize how much I want what I already have. We tend to believe that changing something major in our lives will make us happy. The reality is, nothing is perfect. Something will always be wrong. Some things will be awful. Others will be incredibly f-ed up. But, that's just the way life goes. And really, it's not all bad. There will always be good things, bright sides to gaze upon and redeeming qualities to even the most awful of experiences.

So, we learn to grow up and appreciate what we have. And sometimes? Well, just sometimes when we don't get what we want, something even better comes along in its place. The thing we were meant to have, the thing that we deserved and needed all along just waltzes in and lands in our lap. And that? That makes all the failure worth it.


Cap Creations said...

Hi from NFF! Hope you have a nice weekend. Come say hi when you get a chance.

lindseyloo said...

this is soooooo true!!!

i'm a new follower, btw. nice to meet you :-)

Meghan said...

Thanks for joining in on Monday Madness! I'm now a follower and love your blog!



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