Monday, May 10, 2010

My Current Obsession: Laynce Nix of the Cincinnati Reds

My husband is always obsessed with the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. Actually, I take that back: he's obsessed with all sporting events, but in the spring and summer months, he's completely obsessed with the Reds. I'm from Cincinnati, so I suppose you could say I'm guilty by association. I fondly remember the "Wire to Wire" season in the 90's and I grew up hearing stories about legends like Marge Schott, Schottzie the dog, Pete Rose, Chris Sabo and Ken Griffey, Jr. My father has countless pieces of sports memorabilia and we even have a set of "red seats" from the old Riverfront Stadium in the backyard. Growing up, we weren't a "sports family" but when you live in Cincinnati, you also love the Reds. It's State Law.

As for me, I'm not really obsessed with anything involving sports for a few reasons:

1. I don't understand sports
2. I don't care about understanding sports
3. I'd rather gossip than watch the game

Though the current baseball season has just begun, I've already attended my fair share of games and really have not spent much time paying attention to them. I have actually spent the majority of my time complaining about being in the car for 3 hours.

Things I do enjoy, however:

1. Drinking beer (just one, considering they cost approximately $1,234,158)
2. People watching/critiquing
3. Staring at buff men in tight pants
4. Clapping and giving high-fives

So, each year I choose a worthy player to declare my "Reds Crush" for the season, which gives me a reason to look forward to watching a game I know I will be watching whether I like it or not. This year, I have bestowed the honor upon this fine specimin:

Dreamboat, Ima

His name is Laynce Nix and he is soooo adorable. And cute. And really muscular. And I was there when he hit his first homerun EVER.

The best part of this story is when I broke the news to my husband that I had a teenage-esque crush on another man.

Me: I just decided that I totally have a crush on that guy.
Husband: Who?
Me: Layne Hix.
Husband: Are you crazy?
Me: Yes. Crazy in love.
Husband: No, I meant like are you crazy because you have a "crush" on someone who's name you just completely butchered with your words. It's L-A-Y-N-C-E  N-I-X.
Me: Right. Of course. That's exactly who I have a crush on.


The Two Savvy Sisters said...

Visiting from Monday Madness! I hopped over from The Two Savvy Sisters Blog and am so happy that I did. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week when you get a moment. I have become a follower and I hope you’ll do the same.

Nicole @

The Tucker Family said...

Thanks for participating in the Monday Madness blog hop! We hope your Monday isn't too "Madness-y"


Tonia w/ Chic Modern Vintage said...

You are a lady after my own heart. Even though I don't like beer, we can do #2 and #4 on your list. I found you via Monday Madness and I'm glad that I did.

Stop by and see me sometime.

Lorilynne said...

Ugh, I am sooooo not interested in sports of any kind. Luckily my fella is really only in to Nascar and he works on the weekends so I never actually have to watch/attend a race.
I found your blog through Tagalong Tuesday and I'm so glad I did, it gave me a great laugh to start the day.


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