Friday, May 7, 2010

A glimpse at my funny bone

My husband is completely convinced that I have the sense of humor of an 8 year-old child. My affinity for the LOLCats website really pushed him over the edge, I think. Ever visited before? You should. It's hilarious, and completely devoted to captioned pictures of cats doing hilarious things. Did I mention it was hilarious?

Really, anything involving cats doing something human-like makes me laugh until I cry. I don't own a cat and probably never will (the abundance of cat urine in the carpets/sub floor of our home when we moved in really spoiled that idea for me) but I will eternally find them funny.

Here's a sampling of my child-like humor:


Shelley Ann said...

i absolutely love that site! my roommate was trying to make a funny picture of her cat to send in. haha

Steph S. said...

I checked this out b/c it was one of those "You might also like" links at the bottom of your "burnt orange but not brick but not too coppery but not too orange" paint post - LOL cats KILLS me!!! and I had never seen the living room one... HAHAHA! :)


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