Friday, April 23, 2010

Under Pressure

Spring is awesome, it really is. I love the blooming flowers, the green leaves and the warmer temperatures. I love working the in the garden and killing every plant species I touch with my black thumbs cultivating my flower beds. What I don't enjoy is the fact that the changing weather has a way of making my head feel like it's stuck in one of these:

Rocking the all-white suit since 1984!

Alright, so my head is not lodged inside of popular 80's NBC sitcom Miami Vice. You got me. I just found it incredibly hilarious that when I performed a visual search on Google for "vice photos," I instead yielded numerous MIAMI Vice results instead. It's almost as though Google could just sense my intense love for half-buttoned silk shirts and horrendous synthesizer music!

Also, it is important to note that every result was a photograph of Don Johnson, aka Sonny Crockett, wearing a super fantastic white suit and standing just a bit too close to his partner, Detective Ricardo Tubbs. Seriously, who came up with these awful names? I admittedly know nothing about writing a sitcom, but if I had the option to create fictional characters I can't say "Tubbs" or "Crockett" would be among my top choices.

But enough about the 80's, let's talk about my favorite topic instead: ME. I'm sick and pathetic and I sound like I'm going through puberty. My head feels like a balloon that was filled with entirely too much helium and is fixin' to pop at any moment.

You know, kinda like this fine specimen:

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