Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Old Speckled Hen

What don't you like about yourself?

Is is your gigantic nose?

Or, perhaps it's your enormous behind?

It has been said that growing older makes us wiser; I say it makes us more comfortable in our skin. Maybe it's the wisdom and life experience that changes us, but eventually we grow to be at peace with who we are. Sure, surgery can change our perceived "flaws" *cough*HeidiMontag*cough* but where does that leave us? Will rhinoplasty magically skyrocket our self-esteem, or will it allow us the opportunity to focus on all the other things we hate about ourselves? Also, who decided it was a good idea to use the word "rhino" to describe said procedure?

As women, it's difficult to feel like we are ever __________ enough. Feel free to insert your own adjective: skinny, pretty, busty, good, etc. It's like we're chasing something that is eternally 5 steps ahead of us, no matter how fast we run.

We say things like, "If only I was __________, then people would like me." Actually, people should just like you anyway. If they don't, move on. The End.

You see, growing up means accepting our flaws and making peace with who we are--who we will always be. As in: sorry, but you were born that way and there's nothing you can do about it. You can live your life in tortured agony, wishing things were different or you can choose to be happy. The choice is yours. Most of the things you hate and pick at while standing in front the mirror will never change. Your butt is always going to be big and my blackheads aren't going anywhere. Trust me, I've tried to get rid of them and all I got was poorer.

Eventually we grow up, some of us gain a shred of maturity and we move on. That's all there is to it. Sure, people will say stupid things and stare, but we begin to realize that's not our problem anymore. Also, we understand that returning the snarky favor feels good and usually, it's well-deserved. Those people, the ones who stare, the people who say horrible things to us--they are the insecure ones.

As for me, I have begun to accept the fact that some things will never change: they will only multiply. Take my freckles, for example: I'm covered in them. I used to wish that I could make them go away and just be like all those other freckle-free people. They are everywhere on my body, and they are only getting larger in numbers by the moment.

Even my poor dermatologist, the person responsible for keeping track of my freckles, is overwhelmed with the task. I'm just happy my co-pay is being put to good use. I've had a few "suspicious" offenders removed and have only their scars to remember them by. Now, I like to think that my freckles just serve as small reminders to stay out of the sun and think of them as more like "Nature's tattoo" rather than a spotty annoyance.

Plus, having freckles everywhere means you even have them in really cool places, like here:

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High five!

Also, having a freckle on the palm of your hand is useful when giving directions. OK, so you're here...

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