Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking Like a Lady

I have officially fallen head over heels in love with the Spring trends. From embellished tees and ruffles to floral cardigans, I love the super feminine attention to detail that has filled the pages of my J. Crew catalog for years and has slowly invaded the mainstream clothing world. If I had my way (and a bigger wallet) I would dress entirely in head to toe J. Crew clothing. If I had children, they too would only wear the super-adorable Crew Cuts line. That, however, is an unrealistic goal. But seriously, is that not the world's most adorable and charming child in a newsboy cap??

When it comes to clothing, I have very specific taste and a discerning eye. My husband says I'm "too picky," but I like to think that I just have really high standards. He should be flattered. Seriously.

I love very classic, traditional styles with an unexpected pop. I love wearing big, crazy statement necklaces, oversized cocktail rings and insane shoes. Not all at the same time, natch. Fashion should be fun and should make you feel good about yourself; if it doesn't, it's time to go shopping. My goal is to have one "statement" piece in every outfit I wear; if I'm not sparking a conversation with my clothing, I believe that I'm doing something wrong.

I like to look feminine, put together and classic; if I could take a time machine back to the 1950's, I would be in wardrobe heaven. I'm all for women's rights and I think it's great that we've made so much headway in the world of independent women since the 50's, I really am. But, some days all I wanna do is wear a suit with pearls, gloves and a pillbox hat...if it were socially acceptable, of course.

One of my very favorite trends is the statement necklace. I love that a bold, colorful, humongous necklace can make a cheap white t-shirt and jeans look like a million bucks. I love ribbons, pearls and flowers and I simply adore them all rolled into one fabulous package. I have a tendency to become fixated upon things, and over the weekend I became fixated upon making my own floral bib necklace(s) after realizing how rediculous it would be to shell out nearly $100 for someone else's creation.

There is a long-standing joke in our family that when my sister Jody sees something she likes in a store, she often says, "I could make that!"

Nearly 100% of the time, she can. She got all the artistic/crafty genes and I got all the creative writing genes. It's just the way the chips fell in our family.

So, with that being said, I decided to forge ahead and attempt to make some of the designs I'd been drooling over for months. Even my less than crafty self managed to whip up a total of 3 necklaces and a cuff bracelet over the weekend--with extra fabric flowers to spare!

Letting a few website tutorials be my guide, I forged ahead with making my own floral/bib/statement creations. I messed up a few (OK, maybe more than that) times, but I was pretty darn proud of myself when it was all over. Really, I was just trying to make up for what is known as "zipper necklace disaster 2009" at our house. That was truly a case where leaving the making of necklaces with zippers is an art that should be strictly relegated to the experts.

I managed to spend the entire weekend working on this project, which provided a much-needed distraction for my overworked brain. Conversely, it allowed my husband to watch college basketball games all weekend without hearing me complain even once. Win-win, right?

So, without further explanation--I told you I was the writer--here's what I made with some old t-shirts I found stuffed in the back of my closet:

Here's what I made with some faux silk I bought at JoAnn Fabric for less than $10:


Jennifer said...

I love these!! Do you have links to the tutorials you could share?

Ana Paula@ Get Craftin said...

I love your blog, these creations are darling. The last one is my favorite!!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

These are adorable! I love the plum one! So creative and stylish! Would love to have you stop by The Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance! You have done a fabulous job on these!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. These are simply fabulous and I love your designs! Hope you have a wonderful week. Hope to see you again next Sunday! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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